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    Pure28Nutriton is committed to providing the best products with the best prices to help you get best results.


    We believe in the Nutragen   “Simple Process” with  “Pure” Premium Whole food Nutrition and Pure Nutrition Programs.   This Simple Process includes three easy steps:

    1. Remove inflammatory foods and the food products that are causing poor health.
    2. Eat more balanced, whole nutritious foods that represent the foundation of nutrition in every meal: Protein, Fiber, Greens and Healthy fats.
    3. Supplement and strengthen the foundation with the nutrient dense Pure Premium Whole food substitutes: Pure Plant Protein, Pure Digestion Plus, Pure Greens and Pure Aomega Plus.

    The Nutragen Process

    Our formulas are of the highest purity and potency “from soil to seal" guaranteed!

    1. We have selected every ingredient, considering the region in which all ingredients are grown, type of soil, how the soil is maintained, the climate and environment, the harvesting process, and the drying and extraction process. 
    2. We arrange for the proper shipping and handling of all ingredients to insure optimal purity and potency. 
    3. All formulas are created and tested in‐house at our laboratory by highly trained Health Care Practitioners and manufactured following a stringent Certified Good Manufacturing Process.
    4. Finally, all formulas are packaged in non‐toxic, eco‐friendly, recyclable or biodegradable containers to ensure quality, freshness, and sustainability.
    Pure28Nutriton is a direct reseller of Nutragen products 
    Meet the Doctors
    Dr. Bruce Howe
    Dr. Howe was the original co-founder CEO, and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Doctors for Nutrition (1998) and President, CTO of BioPharma Scientific (2004). As such, he was the original formulator of GreensFirst, NanoGreens, NanOmega, NanoPro and NanoEPA/DHA.

    He was the first formulator to make a great tasting greens product with the clear goal of a balanced formula of high antioxidant and phytonutrient rich fruits and vegetables of all the colors, and the first to verify and promote antioxidant potency thru ORAC testing.

    Over the past 15 years Dr. Howe has consulted with several prominent nutraceutical companies to develop unique, hard science based nutraceutical products.

    Derek Howe, BS, CPA
    From competing at a high level in athletics at a young age and working in the medical and nutrition industries over the past fifteen years, Derek has developed a passion for healthy living.

    Previously, Mr. Howe co-founded BioPharma Scientific, Inc., a nutritional supplements company, marketed to health care practitioners and To Go Brands, Inc., a nutritional supplements company marketed to retail outlets. Mr. Howe served as the Chief Financial Officer of BioPharma Scientific and the Chief Executive Officer of To Go Brands.

    Dr. Jeffrey Johnson

    Dr. Johnson has maintained an active clinical practice since 1997, where he blends intensive spine and sports rehabilitation with a holistic wellness approach. With the help of his staff, he created a comprehensive 4-week program called 28 Days to Health. 28 Days to Health provided a proven roadmap for an effective lifestyle change that included dietary, exercise, and rest strategies. It quickly became the most recognized clinically based nutrition program in the San Francisco Bay Area and provided irrefutable evidence to the power of clean eating and detoxification.